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The following table displays all known spaceship speeds and directions that do not rely on adjustable ships.

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Speed Smallest known Min. population                      First found Discoverer Year found
Orthogonal speeds
c/2 lightweight spaceship 9 lightweight spaceship John Conway 1970
3c/7 Soba 257 spaghetti monster Tim Coe 2016
2c/5 30P5H2V0 30 44P5H2V0 Dean Hickerson 1991
17c/45 caterpillar 11,880,039[1] caterpillar Gabriel Nivasch 2004
c/3 25P3H1V0.1, 25P3H1V0.2 25 84P3H1V0.1 Dean Hickerson 1989
2c/7 weekender 36 weekender David Eppstein 2000
c/4 37P4H1V0 37 119P4H1V0 Dean Hickerson 1989
c/5 spider 58 snail Tim Coe 1996
c/6 56P6H1V0 56 dragon Paul Tooke 2000
c/7 loafer 20 loafer Josh Ball 2013
31c/240 silverfish 210,108 shield bug Dave Greene 2014
c/10 copperhead 28 copperhead zdr 2016
Diagonal speeds
c/4 glider 5 glider Richard K. Guy 1970
c/5 58P5H1V1 58 295P5H1V1 Jason Summers 2000
c/6 77P6H1V1 77 seal Nicolay Beluchenko 2005
c/7 lobster 83 lobster Matthias Merzenich 2011
c/12 2-engine Cordership 100 13-engine Cordership Dean Hickerson 1991
Knightships (slope 2)
(2,1)c/6 Sir Robin 282 Sir Robin Adam P. Goucher and Tomas Rokicki 2018
Slope 23/5
(23,5)c/79 waterbear 197,896 waterbear Brett Berger 2014
This spaceship has occurred from an asymmetric soup.
This spaceship has occurred from a symmetric soup.
This spaceship is an elementary spaceship.
This spaceship is an engineered spaceship.


  1. Dave Greene (28 June 2016). "Re: Caterpillar's little brother research". Retrieved on 2 July 2016.