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Long is a term applied to an object that is of the same basic form as some standard object, but longer. The term long typically denotes a pattern (usually the second-smallest) in a family of patterns which are simple linear extensions of a base pattern. Prototypical examples include long snake, long canoe, long boat and long ship.

Not all families of arbitrarily extensible patterns use the term long; some families such as the barber pole family and lightweight spaceship family have alternate terms for extended patterns.


A boat.

Specific names

A very^12 long ship
Term Pattern in family
long1, long 2nd-smallest
long2, long long, very long 3rd-smallest
long3, very very long, extra long 4th-smallest
long4, very3 long, extra extra long, remarkably long[1] 5th-smallest
long5, very4 long, terribly long[1] 6th-smallest
long6, very5 long, absurdly long[1] 7th-smallest
long7, very6 long, stupidly long[2] 8th-smallest
long8, very7 long, ridiculously long[3] 9th-smallest
long9, very8 long, ludicrously long[1] 10th-smallest
... ...
longn, veryn-1 long, extran-2 long (n+1)th-smallest
... ...


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