Marijn Heule

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Marijn Heule
Born March 12, 1979
Residence Unknown
Nationality Dutch
Institutions University of Texas at Austin
Alma mater Delft University of Technology

Marijn Heule is a researcher at the University of Texas at Austin, who specialises in solving large combinatorial problems using computer techniques such as SAT solvers. In 2016, Heule solved the Boolean Pythagorean triples problem with a distributed SAT solver, producing a record-breaking 200-terabyte proof of unsatisfiability.

He contributed to the development of several SAT solvers, including lingeling and the lookahead SAT solver march-cc, and adapted the Glucose SAT solver to support incremental CNF input files. The resulting program, iglucose, was further adapted by Tomas Rokicki to be interactively operable through named pipes, allowing it to be used in Adam P. Goucher's knightship search program, ikpx.

Marijn also discovered Garden of Eden 6, the smallest symmetric Garden of Eden, in collaboration with Christiaan Hartman, Kees Kwekkeboom, and Alain Noels.

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