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Martin Grant
Born 1996
Residence United States
Nationality Unknown
Institutions Unknown
Alma mater Unknown
For Martin Grant's userpage, see User:Extrementhusiast.

Martin Grant is a Life enthusiast who primarily specializes in glider syntheses. He contributes to the ConwayLife forums under the username "Extrementhusiast." He discovered syntheses for spaceships including but not limited to dart, weekender, spider, and 56P6H1V0, all of which were the first spaceships of their respective speeds to be synthesized, and most recently 70P2H1V0.1, the first period-2 spaceship to be synthesized.

Outside of glider syntheses, he also constructed the Model D Heisenburp and the quadratic sawtooth and completed several of hotdogPi's oscillator partials.

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