Mirek's Cellebration

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Mirek's Cellebration
Mirek's Cellebration image
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Purpose Cellular automaton simulation
Created by Mirek Wójtowicz
Platform 32-bit Windows

Mirek's Cellebration (often shortened to MCell) is a tool for simulating cellular automata, including Conway's Game of Life (and other Life-like cellular automata), 1D totalistic cellular automata, Margolus neighbourhood rules, generations rules, "Bigger than Life" rules with larger neighborhoods, as well as many others. Written in Borland Delphi, it was first released in 1999. Although written for 32-bit Windows[note 1], MCell runs flawlessly in UNIX/Linux under Wine.

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  1. An error named Exception EOleSysError may occur when running MCell on modern Windows, in which case one can try running it as Administrator or in a compatibility mode.[1]


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