Mitchell Riley

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Mitchell Riley
Born Unknown
Residence Abu Dhabi
Nationality Unknown
Institutions NYU Abu Dhabi
Alma mater Wesleyan University

Mitchell Riley is a Life enthusiast who posts on the forums as mvr and has discovered many notable patterns, including quadratic growth Riley's breeder, elementary converter HRx65R and several significant oscillators.

In 2009, while experimenting with novelty generator patterns in Golly, Riley discovered parasites on glider streams from p20 and p8 backrakes.

In 2022, Riley created a modification of CatForce, significantly improving speed and adding a symmetry option. This new version of the program has been used to find numerous new oscillators.

On October 22, 2022, Riley released Barrister, a LifeAPI version of Bellman.

In 2023, Riley discovered cribbage, the first known p19 oscillator.

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