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Bugs rule
Rulestring R5,C0,M1,S34..58,B34..45,NM
Character Chaotic
For the range-1 outer-totalistic rule, see Bugs (outer-totalistic cellular automaton).

Bugs (also known as Bosco's Rule) is a Larger than Life cellular automaton, and perhaps one of the most studied such rules. The rule was devised by Kellie Evans.


Still lifes

The most common still life is the block, similar to its Life equivalent but as a 6×6 square as opposed to a 2×2.

The 6×6 block.

Other larger still lifes exist, resembling thick circles.


Some p2 and p3 oscillators are known in Bugs.

One particularly notable oscillator is a reflectorless flipping oscillator known as Bosco, oscillating at a period of 166. Its period can be increased by passing it near blocks, with the period increasing by 188 for every pair of blocks.

Bosco with two blocks


Multiple spaceships of various speeds are known in Bugs.

Infinite growth

Multiple bug guns have been constructed using Boscos, with an example shown below.

A gun


Bugs can be generalised to other ranges, such as the range-10 Bugsmovie, the range-7 "soldier bug" rule containing a p552 reflectorless rotating oscillator, and a range-6 rule containing a quadratic replicator.

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