Onion rings

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Onion rings
Onion rings image
Pattern type Agar
Period 1
Density 0.5
Discovered by Unknown
Year of discovery Unknown

Onion rings is the name of an agar of density ½ whose unit cell is composed of nested squares, which are fancied as resembling the rings of an onion.

A family of agars

Onion rings can be thought of as one specific member of a family of agars whose unit cells are 4n × 4n for a given n>1, further subdivided into quadrants; for the canonical onion rings agar, n is equal to 3.

In each agar, the NE and SW quadrants contain onions with a block core, while the NW and SE quadrants contain complementary onions. This arrangement inhibits all straight edges from sprouting live cells; each member of the family is a still life covering the entire infinite plane.


A few different members of the extended onion rings family of agars are shown below:

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