p4 reflector

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p4 reflector
x = 67, y = 65, rule = B3/S23 65bo$64bo$64b3o11$52bo$51bo$51b3o11$39bo$3o35bo$o37b3o$bo2$45bobo$44bo b2o$42b3o5bo$41bo3b8o$38bobobo2bo7bo$18bo19b4ob2ob7obo$18b3o18b3o5bobo 2bobo2b2o$21bo19b3obobo3b2obobobo$20b2o4bo8b3o2b2ob5o4bobobo$13b3o9bo 7bobo3b3ob2obo2bob4o2bo2b2o$13bo11b3o3b2o5bo4bo2bo2bo3bo4bo2bo$14bo16b 2obobo2bo6bo2bo4b7o$34bobo2bo2bo2bo9bo$33bo4bo2bo11bo3b2o$32bob7o8b2ob ob3obo$33bo9bobo4bobobo$21bo13b9ob3o2bobo$20b4o8bo3bo7bo3bobobo$19bobo b2o6bo2bo3b4o2bo2bobobo$18b2o3bobo7b2o3bo3bobobo2bo$19bobo3b2o6bo5b3ob obob2o2bo$12b2o6b2obobo3bo3b3o5bo3bo3b3o$7b2o2bo2bo6b4o8bo3b2o2bo2bob 2o$7bo4bobo8bo9bo3b4o3bobob2o$4b2obo5bo16b3o3bo6b2o3bobo$5bobob2o20b3o 5bo2b2o2bobobo$4bo2bo2bo8b2o11b3o2b3ob3o2bobob2o$4b2o2bo4bo5bobo10bo2b o3bo3bo2bobo$9b5o7bo11bobo2bob2o3b4o$20bo10bobobob3ob3obo$11bo9b3o6bob 2obo2b2o$10bobo10bo6bo5bo6b2obo$11bo19b5o6bo2b2o$33bo8b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 X 0 Y 7 Z 8 GPS 10 HEIGHT 600 AUTOSTART LOOP 52 ]]
Pattern type Reflector
Number of cells 332
Bounding box 58×34
Angle 90°
Period 4
Heat Unknown
Discovered by Karel Suhajda
Year of discovery 2012

P4 reflector is a colour-preserving glider reflector discovered by Karel Suhajda in October 2012. Its minimum repeat time is 52 ticks. Unlike the various bouncers discovered many years earlier, it is not colour-changing, so it was made obsolete the following year by the discovery of the much smaller stable Snark, which uses the same initial bait reaction and so produces an output glider with the same timing. For a smaller periodic colour-preserving glider reflector with a different output timing, see p4 bumper.

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