p5 quinti-Snark

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p5 quinti-Snark
x = 136, y = 149, rule = B3/S23 134bo$133bo$133b3o12$121bo$119b2o$120b2o12$106bo$106bobo$106b2o10$72bo $72b2o$71bobo18bobo$92b2o$93bo11$79bo$78bo$78b3o12$66bo$64b2o$65b2o12$ 51bo$51bobo$51b2o12$37bobo$37b2o$38bo10$3b2o$2bobo10b2o7bo$4bo10bo7bo$ 13bobo7b3o$13b2o$9bo$8bobo$8bobo$9bo7$11bo$9b2o$10b2o$3b2o12b2o$2bobo 12bobo$2bo7b2o7bo$b2o6bo2bo6b2o$10b2o6$7b8o$3b2o2b2ob2ob2o2b2o$3b2o2b 3o2b3o2b2o$7b3o2b3o$8b2o2b2o$7b2o4b2o2$4b2o10b2o$5b2o8b2o$2obobo10bobo b2o$ob2obobo6bobob2obo$6b2o6b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ WIDTH 480 HEIGHT 480 THUMBSIZE 2 ZOOM 12 GPS 30 LOOP 275 X -60 Y 56 ]]
Pattern type Reflector
Number of cells 87
Bounding box 22×39
Angle 180°
Period 5
Heat Unknown
Period multiplier
Colour Colour-changing
Discovered by Tanner Jacobi
Year of discovery 2018

p5 quinti-Snark is a period-quintupling 180-degree reflector discovered by Tanner Jacobi on October 30, 2018[1], using a HW volcano as its sparker.

Even though it contains a period-5 oscillator, it can quintuple the period of glider streams of any (sufficiently large) period; the oscillator is only involved in processing every fifth glider. This makes the reflector more versatile than the quinti-Snarks of any other period. Different choices of period-5 sparker are useful for fitting this into different geometries, as exemplified by various period-5N guns in Chris Cain's updated version of Dieter and Peter's glider gun collection.

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