Period-43 glider gun

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Period-43 glider gun
x = 32, y = 25, rule = B3/S23 10b2o$10bobob2o$12bobobo7bo$11bo2bo2bo5bobo$11b2o2b2o7bo3$2o$bo$bobo3b 3o12b3o$2b2o2bo3bo10bo3bo$5bo5bo8bo5bo$5bo5bo8bo5bo$5bo5bo8bo5bo$6bo3b o10bo3bo2b2o$7b3o12b3o3bobo$30bo$30b2o3$7bo7b2o2b2o$6bobo5bo2bo2bo$7bo 7bobobo$16b2obobo$20b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ HEIGHT 400 THUMBSIZE 2 ZOOM 14 MAXGRIDSIZE 9 GPS 15 AUTOSTART ]]
Pattern type Gun
Number of cells 66
Bounding box 32 × 25
Period 43
Barrels 2
Discovered by Nico Brown
Year of discovery 2022

A true period 43 glider gun was discovered by Nico Brown on September 11, 2022.[1] It uses the same honey farm + fishhookglider reaction that many other glider guns do. It was originally found in a form using a block and eater instead of the shillelagh on wing, but the block got turned into a pond rather than actually being restored, so Bellman was used to complete it.

This is the only known period-43 gun, and oscillators based on this gun were the only known period-43 oscillators that don't use the Snark before the discovery of the p43 pi-heptomino hassler in November 2022[2]. Prior to that, the 80-cell form of the gun capped with fishhooks was also the smallest known period-43 oscillator by population.

When the gun was discovered, it was tied for the seventh smallest by bounding box.

A 30-glider synthesis of the gun was found early the next day.[3]


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