Pi ship 1

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Pi ship 1
x = 99, y = 29, rule = B3/S23 7bo83bo$6b3o81b3o$4b2ob3o20b3o9b3o9b3o9b3o20b3ob2o$5bo2bob2o4bo4bo7bo 3bo7bo3bo7bo3bo7bo3bo7bo4bo4b2obo2bo$2b2obo4bobob2ob2ob3o5b2o3b2o5b2o 3b2o5b2o3b2o5b2o3b2o5b3ob2ob2obobo4bob2o$2b2obobo2bobo7b4o3b2obobob2o 3b2obobob2o3b2obobob2o3b2obobob2o3b4o7bobo2bobob2o$2bo8b3obobob2o2b2ob 2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2o2b2obobob3o8bo$b2o7b 2o12bobo3bobo3bobo3bobo3bobo3bobo3bobo3bobo3bobo12b2o7b2o2$5b3o15b2ob 2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2ob2o15b3o$4bo3bo81bo3bo$ 3b2o4bo11b57o11bo4b2o$2bobob2ob2o3b3o2b2obo4bo5bo8bo6bo6bo8bo5bo4bob2o 2b3o3b2ob2obobo$b2obo4bob2ob3obo61bob3ob2obo4bob2o$o4bo3bo4bobo4bo4bob obobobo6bobob2obobob2obobo6bobobobobo4bo4bobo4bo3bo4bo$12bo5b2o16bo2bo 19bo2bo16b2o5bo$2o7b2o25bo2bo19bo2bo25b2o7b2o2$36bo2bo19bo2bo$37b2o21b 2o5$49bo$48b3o$47bo3bo$37b2o8b2ob2o8b2o$37b2o21b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]]
Pattern type Growing spaceship
Number of cells 452
Bounding box 99×29
Direction Orthogonal
Front period 18
Front speed c/2
Back period 30
Back speed 3c/10
Discovered by David Bell
Year of discovery Unknown

The pi ship is a growing spaceship which relies on the reappearance of the pi-heptomino 30 generations through its evolution. Mike Beeler showed in Lifeline Volume 4 that a pair of blocks suppresses the pi's self-destructive exhaust and allows the reincarnated pi to evolve again, nine cells further forward. These blocks can of course be laid down by a puffer, and that puffer is the front part of the pi ship.

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