Pony express

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Pony express
2$15b2o$14bo2bo$15bobo$5b2o5bo3bo$5b2o4bobo$11bo2bo$12b2o4$19b2o$19b2o 10$15bo$14bobo$14b2o3$32bo$31bobo$32b2o$9b2o$8bo2bo$9b2o3$43b2o$29b2o 12b2o$29b2o2$b2o$b2o22b2o10b2o$25b2o9bo2bo$36bo2bo$38bo12b2o$37bo13b2o $24bob2o4bo$29b2o$9b2o12bo3bobo$9b2o12b2o2b3o4bo$25bo3bobobo$26bobo2bo bo$27bo4bo$32bo$39b3o$38bo2bo$31b2o5b2obo11b2o$31b2o20b4o$4b2o51bo$4b 2o47b3obob2o$44bob3o4bo3bo3bo$47b2o4bo4bo2bo$2o37b3o15bo3bo$2o52b2o4bo $25b2o32bo$25b2o29b3o2$19b2o$19b2o3$15b2o$15b2o16b2o$33b2o3$5b2o$5b2o 5$28b2o$28b2o3$24b2o$24b2o$49b2o$49b2o2$43b2o$21b2o20b2o$21b2o2$39b2o$ 39b2o16b2o$57b2o3$29b2o20b3o$29b2o$49b2o$49bo4bo$49bo15b2o$41bo8bo2bo 11b2o$41b2o9bo$41bobo$44b4o$45b5o$45bo2b2o4bo$53b3o$52b2o2bo$52b2ob2o$ 55b3o$53bob2o12bo$45b2o5bo2bo14b2o$45b2o8bo11b2o$52bobo13bobo$53bo14b 2o$68bo$54bo11bobo$54bo11bo2bo$54bo13b2o$69bo$71b3o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 AUTOSTART GPS 60 TRACK 1/12 1/12 WIDTH 600 HEIGHT 600 ZOOM 4 ]]
Pattern type Puffer
Number of cells 287
Bounding box 74 × 124
Direction Diagonal
Period 1152
Speed c/12
Discovered by Apple Bottom
Year of discovery 2015

Pony express was the first completely natural infinite growth pattern to emerge from soup that was neither the block-laying switch engine nor the glider-producing switch engine, instead being a combination of both of these. It was found by Apple Bottom using Adam P. Goucher's apgsearch script on September 16, 2015, but was not added to the Catagolue census until September 28.[1][2]


Ponyexpress samplesoup gen5000.png
Generation 5000 of the soup the pony express
was first found in, excluding escaped gliders

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