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A pulse divider is a conduit together with some positive integer N > 1 such that one output signal is produced for every N input signals received. Common examples of pulse dividers include the semi-Snarks, higher-factor variants such as the tremi-Snark, and a number of period-multiplying Herschel conduits.

Composing pulse dividers causes their factors to multiply; a sexti-Snark could be built from the composition of a semi-Snark and a tremi-Snark. A popular application of chains of pulse dividers is to make a binary counter.

Pulse dividers can be used as period multipliers, but are more general in that there is no requirement that the input signals be uniformly spaced. For that reason, pulse dividers have been used to construct large-prime-period guns; this is beyond the scope of period-multiplying.

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