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@Entity Valkyrie, this is technically a slide gun, not a regular gun, since you didn't get the elbow back to its original position at the end of the construction cycle. It's definitely not a shotgun.

Also... it's true this addition doesn't quite fit the letter of the Three-Step Checklist, and anyway adding single sentences with links is definitely a huge improvement over adding whole articles. So that's progress.

It still seems like it sets a bad precedent, though. It's an interesting slide gun and there's really no harm having a copy of it on the LifeWiki. But if you go around adding your own patterns, then other people (particularly other new LifeWiki editors) are more likely to be tempted to do the same -- and on average, new users' judgment about their own inventions just isn't very good. There ends up being a lot of irrelevant clutter in a lot of articles that just has to be edited out again.

I know I'm one of the moderators around here, and power corrupts, but I do try to follow that three-step checklist myself. For example, I definitely thought the loopship I built was new and interesting enough to deserve an article. But no one has made one yet, and I'm trying not to break too many rules so I haven't written it up myself. Sure, it's painful... but really it's not that painful -- you can get used to it. Dvgrn (talk) 13:18, 31 December 2018 (UTC)