Shield bug

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Shield bug
Shield bug image
Pattern type Spaceship
Number of cells 3600626
Bounding box 934852×290482
Direction Orthogonal
Period 240
Mod 240
Speed 31c/240
Speed (unsimplified) 31c/240
Heat 2825501.4
Discovered by Dave Greene
Year of discovery 2014
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The shield bug is the first and largest 31c/240 orthogonal spaceship, completed by Dave Greene on September 4, 2014.[1] Components for the spaceship were found by Dave and many other contributors, including Kiho Park, Chris Cain, Ivan Fomichev and Adam P. Goucher.

The name is a reference to the large kite-shaped area near the front; the entire spaceship was originally intended to have roughly the same shape.

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