Slow puffer 1

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Slow puffer 1
x = 82, y = 73, rule = B3/S23 76b2o$75b2ob4o$76b6o$77b4o$64b3o$63b5o$62b2ob3o$52b2o9b2o$51b2ob4o$52b 6o$53b4o3$44b2o$43b2ob2o26b2o$44b4o24bo4bo$45b2o24bo$24b6o41bo5bo$24bo 5bo40b6o$24bo$25bo4bo$27b2o2$54b4o$53b6o$52b2ob4o$3bo49b2o$bo3bo$o$o4b o$5o3$20bo$b2o10b2obo2bobo$2ob3o6bobob4obo$b4o3b3obo$2b2o8bobob4obo$ 13b2obo2bobo$5b2o13bo$3bo4bo$2bo$2bo5bo$2b6o3$53b2o$52b2ob4o$53b6o$54b 4o2$27b2o$25bo4bo$24bo$24bo5bo40b6o$24b6o41bo5bo$45b2o24bo$44b4o24bo4b o$43b2ob2o26b2o$44b2o3$53b4o$52b6o$51b2ob4o$52b2o9b2o$62b2ob3o$63b5o$ 64b3o$77b4o$76b6o$75b2ob4o$76b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] #C [[ ZOOM 6 HEIGHT 500 AUTOSTART OFF ]]
Pattern type Puffer
Number of cells 281
Bounding box 82 × 73
Direction Orthogonal
Period 744
Speed c/2
Discovered by David Bell
Year of discovery 1993

Slow puffer 1 is a puffer that was found by David Bell on August 19, 1993. It consists of a blinker puffer 1 with a blinker fuse and several middleweight and heavyweight spaceships attached to the back of it to suppress the blinkers. Its name comes from the fact that it creates debris very slowly, only creating a single blinker every 744 generations.

It can be modified to give a larger period in one of two ways. Moving the back 12 spaceships backward by 9 cells and outward by 3 cells increases the period by 96. Alternatively, moving the back 6 spaceships forward by one cell and outward by one cell, and moving the next 6 spaceships forward by 3 cells and inwards by one cell increases the period by 8 and leaves one more blinker as output (this can only be done when there is sufficient room along the center line).

As an interesting combination of the two modifications, moving the back six spaceships backward by 6 cells and outward by 6 cells increases the period by 120 and leaves 3 more blinkers as output.

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