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Maybe it's my browser, but I see two red's and a green - no blue. Also it is misleading to speak of a 45 degree reflection even if it is technically true. Better to mention the conversion to a space ship (already in the text); the discrepancy between orthogonal and diagonal explains that particular angle. I tried lefting rather than centering the figure; it looks better but the flow of text around it didn't seem optimal. Wikipedia still doesn't have the flexibility one would expect from HTML.

Blue glider's Angle

Isn't it reflected 135 degrees? Lewis 20:09, 20 December 2009 (UTC)

Gmc_nxtman (talk) The glider's path is halfway between it's current path (0º) and a right turn (90º) , therefore its path is diverted by 45º to keep with notation despite the angle between the paths being 135º.