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Agars in one dimension

When I say Agars in one dimension, I mean that its bounding box is infinite in one dimension, and finite in the other. That describes an "orthogonal agar." Other types are extremely hard to explain. For instance, an infinitely extended barberpole. One example of an orthogonal one-dimensional agar would be traffic lights arranged as such they react in a traffic jam(2n and 2n+1). But then, they are displaced in such a way that they react again, but this time as 2n, 2n-1. This would go on forever. -wwei23 2:14PM 9/20/2015 NY time

  1. CXRLE Pos=-6,-5

x = 11, y = 11, rule = B3/S23:T12,12 o9bo2$8bobo2$6bobo2$4bobo2$2bobo2$obo!

  1. CXRLE Pos=-30,-1

x = 60, y = 4, rule = B3/S23:T72,12 3o21b3o21b3o$obo6b3o12bobo6b3o12bobo6b3o$3o6bobo12b3o6bobo12b3o6bobo$ 9b3o21b3o21b3o!

-wwei23 2:25PM 9/20/2015 NY time

  1. CXRLE Pos=-36,-6

x = 71, y = 12, rule = B3/S23:T72,12 12bobo21bobo21bobo$10bo23bo23bo$8bobo21bobo21bobo$6bo23bo23bo$4bobo21b obo21bobo$2bo23bo23bo$obo21bobo21bobo$22bo23bo23bo$20bobo21bobo21bobo$ 18bo23bo23bo$16bobo21bobo21bobo$14bo23bo23bo!

-wwei23 2:30PM 9/20/2015 NY time

Agars in two dimensions

This one is made out of duoplets.

  1. CXRLE Pos=-6,-6

x = 12, y = 12, rule = B3/S23:T12,12 3bo3bo3bo$2bo3bo3bo$o3bo3bo$bo3bo3bo$3bo3bo3bo$2bo3bo3bo$o3bo3bo$bo3bo 3bo$3bo3bo3bo$2bo3bo3bo$o3bo3bo$bo3bo3bo!

The "1." is supposed to be the number sign. -wwei23 2:19PM 9/20/2015 NY time