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Approx how surrounded exactly should an oscillator have to be to count as a billiard table?

A beacon is 50% covered, with two 3-cell "windows" to the outside world and is probably not a billiard table. A lightbulb is probably a billiard table, and can be fitted with up to three one-cell "windows"†. Then some intermediate things in decreasing coveredness…

  • The p4 with a cap-like object and a deep 2-cell window
  • The similar p8 with a deep 3-cell window
  • Test tube baby (less deep 2-cell window)
  • Cuphook (2-cell window right next to rotor)
  • Great on-off (half as covered as a beacon)
  • French kiss, trice tongs (two 3-cell windows)
  • Sombreros (two 4-cell windows)
  • Overweight emulators (4-cell windows per each corner)
  • The "edge-repairing" p6 table

(Some of the all-sides-encased traffic light hasslers (p26, p47, p55, p58…) also resemble "billiard tables" even if in some of these, the "table" is made of smaller-period oscillators.)

--Tropylium 19:49, 2 July 2011 (CDT)

†With this immediate environment: