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I believe this pattern lacks notability for various reasons. One major problem with this page is that this pattern quickly dies in Life, and so has little significance other than being a spark. Without being standardized to the Life rule (B3/S23), it is not clear what kind of pattern this is (in some rules it is an oscillator, in some, a still life, in others, neither). The Life wiki is not here to catalogue interesting patterns in every rule (this would result in an absurd number of confusing, misleading, and possibly controversial pages). If there is a significant pattern in another rule, it should be put on that rule's specific page (given that the rule itself is notable).
~Sokwe 06:30, 18 January 2010 (UTC)

Does anyone suppose that there are also monoplets? Or even, nullplets?


How does this oscillate? It dies off very quickly. CONFUSED!