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Why does L122 use an aircraft carrier instead of a table? You forgot to mention the FNG suppresiion! Entity Valkyrie 2 (talk) 08:34, 28 July 2020 (UTC)

I didn't notice that your variant used tables. Will fix that. The article does have a "Yes" in the infobox under "Dependent conduit", but you're right that it might be good to call that out in the text somewhere. Dvgrn (talk) 10:14, 28 July 2020 (UTC)

This is not a dependent conduit, since the Herschel appears in the location (and doesn't interact before it appears in the location). Also, there is an extra eater in the p4 version. Entity Valkyrie 2 (talk) 08:39, 15 August 2020 (UTC)

Nope, the core idea of defining dependent conduits lies in that they suppress the input Herschel's FNG and thus protect the previous conduit. The time the Herschel begins to interact with the catalysts/baits is irrelevant to such protection. As for the eater, that's the original form posted by the discoverer and it demonstrates how to suppress the glider in case someone doesn't need it. GUYTU6J (talk) 10:24, 15 August 2020 (UTC)
The meaning of a dependent conduit has diverged from the transparent block. What's the new name of the conduits with the transparent block?

Entity Valkyrie 2 (talk) 20:34, 8 September 2020 (UTC)

x = 24, y = 27, rule = B3/S23 17bo$15b3o$14bo$14b2o$22b2o$22bo$20bobo$14bo5b2o$14bobo$14b3o$16bo8$ 22bo$21bobo$22bo$17b2o$16bo2bo$2b2o13b2o$bobo$bo$2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 ZOOM 4 ]]
H-to-G (click above to open LifeViewer)
x = 21, y = 51, rule = B3/S23 15b2o$15bo$13b3o15$4b2o$4bobo6b2o$6bo6b2o$6b2o2$4b4o$4bo2bo6$11bo$11bo bo$11b3o5b2o$13bo5b2o5$10bo$9bobo$4b2o4bo4b2o$4bo11bo$5bo9bo$2b3o2bo5b o2b3o$2bo2b3o5b3o2bo$3bo13bo$3o4b3ob3o4b3o$o5bo2bobo2bo5bo$6b3o3b3o$9b 3o$8bo3bo$8b2ob2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 ZOOM 4 ]]
Another stabilization (click above to open LifeViewer)

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