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Please share your thoughts on this matter on this article's talk page. If you can address the above concern by improving the article, please edit this page and do so, but do not remove this notice unless at least fourteen days have passed since this tag was added and a consensus has been reached that the page should not be deleted.

Administrators: check links, history and logs before deletion. Consider checking Google.

Please delete it, if needed. I didn't got enough info to classify it as an methuselah anyways. I still didn't knew how to make a template at the time :P. I will before try to create an pattern template for it. :P I'm sorry. Anyways I've did now increased a bit the notability I hope. Also I even adressed in the ConwayLife's notability university! :) --Gustavo6046 (talk) 12:55, 3 February 2015 (UTC)