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A Three-Step Checklist

It seems as if the message has somehow failed to get across about trying hard to avoid documenting one's own patterns and one's own nomenclature on the LifeWiki. Please try following these steps before creating a new pattern article:

  1. Ask yourself, "Did I create this pattern or this name?"
  2. If so, ask yourself, "Have several other people besides me used this pattern or this name in their own patterns or postings?"
  3. If the answer to #1 is Yes and the answer to #2 is No, the article is unlikely to be notable, so please do not create it.

Your user page says you're the expert on creating non-notable pages, and that seems to be true -- but we really don't need experts on that. After a while it gets somewhat exhausting to have to constantly clean up after that kind of expert.

Make Additions, Not New Pages!

Additions to existing pages are a different matter. It would make perfect sense (to me, anyway) to add the two links you included in this article, to the existing Memory Cell article. Just please try to restrain yourself from creating more new main-namespace articles about your own inventions, whether they're constructions or nomenclature.


"Valkyrie-Greene's memory cell" is a great example. First, just by the way, if you try the link you made, you'll find it doesn't work -- the pipe character is unnecessary in an external link, and ends up being included in the link and breaking it. I've made this mistake a lot, because links internal to the LifeWiki can include spaces, so they can't be space-delimited, so they need a pipe to separate link from description. But a URL isn't supposed to have spaces in it, so a space signals the end of the URL and the beginning of the description.

That's just a proofreading side note, though. Second, if you follow that link and read the post carefully, it should be clear that the attribution for the original memory-cell pattern belongs to M.I. Wright, not to me -- I just reposted it. So the name you chose is no good, independent of the pattern's notability. But after all the requests you've gotten about this, just the fact that you invented the phrase "Valkyrie-Greene's memory cell" should have been enough to tell you not to make a LifeWiki page out of it.

Why Not A Standalone Article?

The pattern is a fine piece of switching circuitry, but unfortunately it's not all that likely to get used in a larger pattern, because it's so big. Most people won't need that exact combination of four inputs, especially since two inputs overlap awkwardly. If anyone finds that they need some subset of that logic circuitry, they'll probably rebuild just the part they need, and end up with a much smaller pattern with inputs and outputs of the type and direction that are actually needed for the particular project... and then that custom construction won't need its own article either.

Again, it's great to provide resources for people (e.g., in the form of those two links from the memory cell article). But it seems a little over-optimistic to expect that people will very often be able to remember "Valkyrie's memory cell" by name, and come and look it up in the LifeWiki under "V".

Proving Notability Takes Time

I could perfectly well be proved wrong about this, of course. If in a year's time, there are dozens of references to "Valkyrie's memory cell" all over the Internet, or at least the forums, then it will be time to move the article into the main namespace. Dvgrn (talk) 02:49, 2 December 2018 (UTC)