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Coe ship's domino spark can support a sidecar. And a Sidecar can support another Coe engine, making infinite chains possible.

x = 16, y = 52, rule = B3/S23

10b6o$6b4o5bo$6b2obo5bo$6b2o2bo3bo$12bo$12b2o$10b5o$9b4ob2o$9bo3b2o3$ 9b4o$5b9o$4bo2bob3ob2o$3bo3b2o3b2o$4b3o$9b2o$12bo$7bo5bo$7bo5bo$7bob5o 2$8b2o$11bo$5bo6bo$3bo8bo$3bob8o$6b2o3$10b2o$4b2o2b2ob2o$6bob4o$9b2o3$ 9b2o$3bob4ob2o$2b2o2b5o$3bo3b3o3$7b4o$3bob2o3bo$3bobo4bo$6bo2bo3$4b6o$ 4o5bo$2obo5bo$2o2bo3bo!

-wwei23 9:58PM 9/27/2015 NY time
Also, I also found the basic unit.
x = 16, y = 52, rule = LifeHistory

10.6C$6.4C5.C$6.2C.C5.C$6.2C2.C3.C$12.A$12.2A$10.5A$9.4A.2A$9.A3.2A3$ 9.4A$5.9A$4.A2.A.3A.2A$3.A3.2A3.2A$4.3A$9.2A$12.A$7.A5.A$7.A5.A$7.A. 5A2$8.2A$11.A$5.A6.A$3.A8.A$3.A.8A$6.2A3$10.2A$4.2A2.2A.2A$6.A.4A$9. 2A3$9.2A$3.A.4A.2A$2.2A2.5A$3.A3.3A3$7.4A$3.A.2A3.A$3.A.A4.A$6.A2.A3$ 4.6C$4C5.C$2C.C5.C$2C2.C3.C!

The top tagalong and the bottom tagalong, is displayed in light green. Golly must be used. Just simply siamese the top and bottom Tagalongs to make an ever longer chain.
-wwei23 10:01PM 9/27/2015 NY time