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This template can be used to quickly and easily embed a link to the category of spaceships with a given period. For example,

The frobnozzle is a {{periodS|20}} [[c/2 orthogonal]] [[spaceship]].


The frobnozzle is a period-20 c/2 orthogonal spaceship.

(This is much more convenient than having to type the equivalent of

The frobnozzle is a [[period]]-[[:Category:Spaceships with period 20|20]] [[c/2 orthogonal]] [[spaceship]].

everytime you want to link to a spaceship period category.)

The template takes two parameters, the first of which is the period and can be passed without a name or as period=. The second one is passed without a name and removes the "period" from the resulting text:

The first known spaceships of periods {{periodS|2|brief}} and {{periodS|3|brief}} were found in 1989.


The first known spaceships of periods 2 and 3 were found in 1989.

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