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Typical pattern in Apples
Number ω - 1
Character Tasty

The rule template is an infobox template for rules for 1-dimensional cellular automata. It takes the following parameters:

  • name: the name of the rule.
  • imgname: the name of the image (of a typical pattern) to display in the infobox; .png and .gif are appended automatically for the still and animated versions. The File: prefix should not be specified.
  • animated: should be set to true if an animated image for this rule has been uploaded.
  • number: the rule's number.
  • char: the rule's character. Should be one of:
    • Stable: rules in which patterns tend to stabilize quickly and show little activity.
    • Chaotic: rules in which patterns tend to show complex behavior, but do not generally explode.
    • Explosive: rules in which patterns tend to grow without bound.


An example can been seen to the right; it was generated with the following invocation:

 |name        = Apples
 |imgname     = apples
 |number      = ω - 1
 |char        = Tasty
 |animated    = true