The Recursive Universe

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The Recursive Universe
The Recursive Universe image
Type Book
Author(s) William Poundstone
ISBN 978-0486490984

The Recursive Universe: Cosmic Complexity and the Limits of Scientific Knowledge is a popular science book that was written by William Poundstone in 1985. It deals with the nature of the universe, illuminated by parallels with the Game of Life. This book brought to a wider audience many of the results that first appeared in Lifeline. It also outlines the proof of the existence of a universal constructor in Life, which was first presented in Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays.


  1. Complexity and Simplicity
  2. The Life Universe
  3. Maxwell's Demon
  4. Gliders and Spaceships
  5. Information and Structure
  6. Unlimited Growth
  7. Physics as a recursion
  8. Recursive Games
  9. Big Bang and Heat Deat
  10. Random Fields
  11. Von Neumann and Self-Reproducing Machines
  12. Self-Reproducing Life Patterns
  13. The Recursive Universe

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