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Welcome to the Tutorials page! If you want to learn about Life, cellular automata, patterns, software and scripting, you've come to the right place. These tutorials are designed for beginners, but you can continue into the sections to learn more and become a Professional™; we will start from something as simple as viewing a pattern.

Before we start

Before starting these tutorials, you may want to read around on the wiki. These tutorials may at times expect you to know basic rules and patterns. Here are some articles you may want to check out before starting:


Here are the tutorials currently available (or waiting to be written), they are sorted into 2 sections, the "Regular" tutorials, which is for people who want to get a good grip on Cellular Automata, what they are, and how to do general stuff with them such as finding things, the "Deeper" tutorials which go deeper into some specific concepts of Cellular Automata if you want to learn more.



Coming soon!