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Here you will learn how to use Golly scripts.

What are scripts?

Scripts are code that allows you to easily do something that is normally tedious to do automatically, like finding the period of an oscillator or generating large patterns. There are also scripts that search for objects. A script can be written in Python, Perl, or Lua, at least for Golly scripts. For larger scripts doing more complicated things (e.g. finding a spaceship), it is better to write in C than Python. A lot of scripts have been written for Golly, from drawing a line to generating massive objects.

Sample script

Copy this script:

import golly as g
from glife import *
cool = pattern("bo3bo$2bobo2b3o2bo2bo$3bo3bobo2bo2bo$3bo3bobo2bobo$3bo3b3o2b2o$3bo3$3o2bob3o3bob4obo$ob2obobob2o2bo3bo2bo$o2bobobo2bo2bo3bo2bo$o2bobobo2bo2bo3bo$4obo2b3o2bo3bo2bo!")
cool.put(1, 2)

To run it, go to Golly, click the File menu and then click Run clipboard. You should see a message. That's how to run clipboard scripts.

(If a script's output is in a file, check C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Golly).

Saving scripts

To save a script on your computer, open your favorite text editor, paste the script into it, then save it as a .py file in your Golly scripts folder. Click File > Run script... to run it.

Getting scripts

You can find sample scripts at the Golly scripts forum thread and in the Golly scripts folder on your computer.


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