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3o$o2bo12bo$3o3b3o2b3o2bobo$o2bo2bobo2bobo2b2o$3o3b3o2b3o2bobo! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 ]]
Lifespan 4700
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Principles for Editing the Wiki

  • The wiki should be authoritative and substantive
  • The wiki should be welcoming to the uninitiated and casual user as well as the expert
  • Err on the side of explaining concepts and terminology
  • Err on the side of giving/showing examples
  • CGOL is visual: show stuff
  • Avoid dead links as much as possible (shed the red)
  • Resolve issues of notability and stubiness promptly (scrub the stub)


Use these tools here

  • Pattern Manager (PatMan)
    • Organize your patterns
    • View them in LifeViewer
  • Pattern Lookup
    • Look up a pattern by name and/or apgcode
    • View it in Catagolue
    • View it in LifeWiki
    • View it in LifeViewer
    • Get its rle
  • TidyRLE
    • Replaces enhanced RLE characters with o's and b's
    • Removes trailing b's from rows
    • Compresses repeating characters (e.g. 3ooo2o becomes 7o)
    • Assures each line is ≤70 characters but as close to 70 as possible and does not end in a number
    • Calculates bounding box
    • Lets you rotate an RLE
  • RLE2PNG - get a static png file from an rle
  • RLE2SVG - get a static svg file from an rle
  • RLE2Plaintext - convert an rle to plaintext
  • Plaintext2RLE - convert plaintext to an rle
    • Handles 1 and 0 as well as O and .
  • Apgcode2PNG - get a static png file from an apgcode
  • Apgcode2RLE - convert an apgcode to an rle
  • Frequency Class Calculator
  • Frequency Calculator (from FC)