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This page lists my crude thoughts about Chinese translations of CGoL terms, which may not be generally agreed and therefore should not be cited officially.

Part 1

The following is a response to the idea discussed here.

The 100 most common objects according to Catagolue are translated as follows:

Block 方块, Blinker 闪闪, Beehive 蜂房, Glider 滑翔机, Loaf 面包片

Boat 舟, Ship 船, Tub 井, Pond 池, Long boat 乙舟

Toad 蟾蜍, Ship-tie 船连船, Beacon 灯火, Barge 舢板, Half-bakery 半面包店

Mango 杧果, Eater 1 吃货1号, Lightweight spaceship 轻型飞船, Long barge 乙舢板, Aircraft carrier 引号

Pulsar 脉冲星, Paperclip 回形针, Middleweight spaceship 中型飞船, Long ship 乙船, Integral sign 积分号

Shillelagh 橡木棍, Boat-tie 舟连舟, Snake 蛇, Big S 大S, Bi-pond 双池

Trans-boat with tail 反-带尾舟, Boat tie ship 舟连船, Hat 帽, Very long ship 丙船, Heavyweight spaceship 重型飞船

Very long boat 丙舟, Tub with tail 带尾井, Table and table 桌与桌, Dead spark coil 静息电弧发生器, Canoe

Beehive on dock 蜂房配船坞, Cis-mirrored R-bee 顺-映平蜂房, Moose antlers 鹿角, Block on table 方块配桌, Block on dock 方块配船坞

Scorpion 蝎, Beehive with tail 带尾蜂房, Twin hat 双帽, Loop 长帽, Long snake 乙蛇

Fourteener 吃货尾并卷, Pentadecathlon 十五行, Bookends 书立对, Cis-boat with tail 顺-带尾舟, Cis-rotated hook 顺-旋书立

Elevener 海鸥, Mirrored dock 映船坞, Block on cap 方块配小帽, Trans-loaf with tail 反-带尾面包片, Cis-shillelagh 顺-橡木棍

Trans-mirrored R-bee 反-映平蜂房, Clock 钟, Trans-block on long hook 反-方块配长书立, block-laying switch engine 铺方块闸刀机, prodigal 乘法积分号

Broken snake 断蛇, Trans-hook and R-bee 反-书立与平蜂房, Eater siamese eater 吃货并吃货, Block and two tails 方块与盖, Cis-boat on dock 顺-舟配船坞

Cis-block on long hook 顺-方块配长书立, Very long snake 丙蛇, Boat with long tail 带乙尾舟, Long shillelagh 乙橡木棍, Beehive at loaf 蜂房接面包片

Trans-R-bee and R-loaf 反-平蜂房与平面包片, Long integral 乙积分号, Tub with long tail 带乙尾井, Cis-hook and R-bee 顺-书立与平蜂房, Hook with tail 带尾钩

Loaf siamese loaf 面包片并面包片, Long canoe 乙艇, Eleven loop 高帽, Ortho-loaf on table 邻-面包片配桌, Cis-loaf with tail 顺-带尾面包片

Symmetric scorpion 对称蝎尾, Claw with tail 带尾爪, Bee hat 蜂房帽, Up dove on dove 顺-映平杧果, Trans-rotated R-bee 反-旋平蜂房

glider-producing switch engine 产滑翔机闸刀机, Up wing on wing 顺-映平面包片, R-bee and snake 平蜂房与蛇, Boat tie eater tail 舟连吃货尾, Snorkel loop 潜水环

Beehive on table 蜂房配桌, Cis-boat on table 顺-舟配桌, Trans-barge with tail 反-带尾舢板, Trans-boat on dock 反-舟配船坞, Beehive on cap 蜂房配小帽

Some conjunctions mentioned in Pattern naming are summarized below:

On 配,At 接,And 与,Tie 连,Bridge 搭

Bi- 双,Mirrored 映,Rotated 旋,Siamese 并,Weld 杂

Cis- 顺,Trans- 反,Ortho- 邻,Meta- 间,Shift- 偏,Para- 对

Up 上,Down 下

As for the generic patterns, I have my plan too.

Pattern 图案, Object 物体, Soup 汤, Ash 汤渣, Spark 火花

Methuselah 寿星, Still life 静物, Oscillator 振荡器, Spaceship 飞船

Puffer 播种机, Rake 洒水车, Gun

Wick 灯芯, Fuse 导火索, Agar 基质

Breeder 繁殖机, Spacefiller 填充器, Factory 厂, Garden of Eden 伊甸园

Replicator 自复制机, Sawtooth 锯齿增长

Conduit 导管, Duplicator 复制器, Reflector 反射器

Part 2

In organic chemistry, many reactions and reagents are named in honor of their developers. Likewise, there are some patterns named after corresponding discoverers in CGoL. They are listed in Category:Patterns found by (person). However, no unified convention is set about the choice between surname (family name) and forename (given name), and both exist in current naming scheme per this thread.

A simple translation rule is that partial transliteration of the surnames will be preferred in Chinese pattern names, except when that causes confusion, in which case full transliteration will be used (e.g. Elkies's p5 and Scot's p5, Gosper glider gun and Gotts dots).

Patterns using surnames in English:

Beluchenko's p13 博氏p13, Beluchenko's p37 博氏p37, Beluchenko's other p37 博氏p37其二, Beluchenko's p40 博氏p40, Beluchenko's p51 博氏p51

Buckingham's p13 巴氏p13, Callahan G-to-H 卡氏G转H, Coe ship 寇飞船, Coe's p8 寇氏p8, Cordership 柯德飞船

Elkies's p5 埃基斯p5, Gosper glider gun 高斯珀滑翔机枪, Gotts dots 戈茨点, Kok's galaxy 科克星系, Merzenich's p11 莫氏p11

Merzenich's p18 莫氏p18, Merzenich's p31 莫氏p31, Merzenich's p64 莫氏p64, Riley's breeder 瑞氏繁殖机, Schick engine 席氏引擎

Silver's p5 西氏p5, Silver G-to-H 西氏G转H, Silver's reflector 西氏反射器, Simkin's p60 辛氏p60, Simkin glider gun 辛氏滑翔机枪

Wainwright's tagalong 魏氏后缀

Patterns using forenames in English:

Achim's p4 弗氏p4, Achim's p8 弗氏p8, Achim's p11 弗氏p11, Achim's p16 弗氏p16, Achim's other p16 弗氏p16其二

Achim's p144 弗氏p144, Gabriel's p138 尼氏p138, Jason's p11 夏氏p11, Jason's p22 夏氏p22, Jason's p33 夏氏p33

Jason's p36 夏氏p36, Jason's p156 夏氏p156, Karel's p15 苏氏p15, Karel's p28 苏氏p28, Karel's p177 苏氏p177

Rich's p16 荷氏p16, Rob's p16 李氏p16, Scot's p5 埃里森p5, Tanner's p46 雅氏p46

A pattern using pseudonym in English: Jormungant's G-to-H 耶梦加得G转H

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