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I'm in the apgsearch fandom

Brief history of my experience visiting this site

2009 - Discovered this site

7/2009 - Logged into wiki

2009 - Download soup search

2009 - Scripts don't seem to work on Golly now, can't use soup search

2011 - Where's the applet

2012 - Where's the soup search

1/2013 - Is the applet going to come back

1/2013 - I don't want to join the forum until the applet or soup search comes back

1/2013 - Thank goodness I have a saved copy of the soup search

2013 - I'm creating a lot of patterns, I hope the applet/soupsearch comes back soon so I can join

1/2014 - I heard the reason why the applet is gone but I still won't give up hope

12/2014 - At least we have apgsearch now, but still no applet or soup search

12/2014 - All these pattern discovered in 2014 are amazing; I wish I could join

1/2015 - Forget the applet and the soup search, I'm just going to join now.

2/2015 - The Catagolue is finally here!

4/2015 - Maybe I should have joined earlier. The forums seem to be frowning upon all patterns unless they have a "use" as part of a larger pattern.

11/2015 - The name "Demonoid" reminds me of a funny thing that happened on the forums in 2013, a few months before they were discussing the Demonoid spaceship.

6/2016 - I like how articles are being created and objects that occurred in Catagolue (and other censuses) but many of the names they use don't match the ones I use. This could be a problem for the Catagolue backup.

7/2016 - My fears have been realized. The worst name for a Life pattern I have ever seen has just been put on the LifeWiki.

Repository of unnotable patterns