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Gustavo Ramos Rehermann
Gustavo Ramos Rehermann
Born May 16, 2013
Residence Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul
Nationality Brazil
Institutions Unknown
Alma mater Unknown

Gustavo Ramos Rehermann, what could be written as Rehermann, Ramos, Gustavo, is an person that loves "playing" of "Nations and Colonies", what he considers a "way of playing an Game of Life simulator with fun and without being bored or perished by playing", and that likes also of discovering fuses, spaceships and patterns of the Game of Life, in which can look like not notable in first sight, but could have cool uses if thinking better of those patterns, or by discovering the uses. He is upset because every article he made is considered not notable, and he thinkes the people should think better about them. Also, this own article was written by him. Very smart and with good humor (sometimes), despite being an 10-year old kid. Still to smart even for an common adult! Still too much to learn, but not that much -- he already learnt many times through his discoveries, and still four patterns discovered until December 08 2013 -- this article's submissing date. Please think better of the articles and Gustavo may be much better. Look his discovered patterns here everytime you wants. This may make him better as more people learns his patterns, their uses and, maybe/even, may (or may not) use them for latter discoveries, like spaceships moved by the gliders of the backrake flotilla 1, or even an oscillator or pattern (other than still life, strict or not) that needs the sparks of the side blinkers of the traffic toy (the rotors) (as long as such blinkers don't disappear by their rotors being touched, by using, for example, an catalyser, eater or rock that "eats" the cells that borns in the blinkers' sides, so they could continue stable), or maybe an facing soccermen loop pattern -- somewhat like the Herschel-loop much used in guns --, as long as the facing soccermen's activity be turned into some other thing by use of any conduit or any other thing... Still much to discover. He thanks the help. Look his Facebook profile here(in portuguese his Facebook wall, so see at his English Facebook Wall page).