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Line agars

Agar density period stable notes
Zebra stripes 1/2 - B (1) alternating bands of live and unoccupied cells (ripples(2))
Venetian blinds 1/2 2 B phoenix made of fat ripples, varying only longitudinally (2)
Chicken wire 1/2 2 B "wires" that can have any length, at least 2, and need not all be the same
Diagonal ripples 7/20 - S ripples, stable (and progenitor of tubs and barges) when double ; most vanish instantly
  1. S, stable ; B, must be bordered ; for common borders see Dean Hickerson's list DRH_oscillators.rle.
  2. Cross sections following Wolfram's Rule 22.

Tiling agars

Agar tile size box density period stable notes
Onion rings 72 12*12 1/2 B unit cell composed of nested squares (4n x 4n)
Marshland agar 4 3*3 4/9 S build of ponds and lakes, that is, dominos ; many possible combinations, only basic ones go squared
Houndstooth agar 8 4*4 1/2 2 B really the pattern of a known checquered twill
Herparian agar 12 6*6 1/3 S lakes made of snakes acting like dominos ; only the most basic give a square tiling
Squaredance 8 6*6 2/9 2 B period 2 diagonal agar and phoenix, low density dominos pattern