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☆Saka Test™ News☆

Breaking Catagolue™, one haul at a time.™


Saka Tests is a symmetry made by Saka to try and break Catagolue or find glitches in Catagolue. Saka sometimes uploads things such as custom symmetries, random apgcodes, and others. Saka Test currently has 131 Billion objects with only 50 soups, so it is a very efficient symmetry. Saka Test is available at Please do not upload to Saka Test unless you are Saka. Make your own test symmetry. Thank you.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Uploaded hauls containing:

  • Glider as xq_s67fvvf76szvussvvssuvz0137uu7310z2333333332/blonk. Purpose: Amusement and test for invalid rules and non-canonical apgcodes.
  • Glider as xq_praiseCalcyman. Purpose: Amusement and test for "xq_" prefix.
  • Glider as xq4. Purpose: Test for no apgcode patterns.
  • Glider as xq3_0c0i1ugwgggzx58ggec71toz323ekey2962?Test2BecauseTheOtherOneJustGotDisplayedAsGliderSoHereWeGoIsThereMaximumLengthForAnAPGCode?WellTheresOnlyOneWaytoFindOutAndThatIsToDoThisWhichIsToTypeARidiculouslyLongStringLikeThisOneButMuchMuchMuchLongerLikeThisButThatsNotLongEnoughSoLetsAddSomeMoreWeirdCharacters(Random characters)OkThatShouldBeEnough*. Purpose: Duplicate of the one below.
  • Glider as xq4_153?isThereMaximumLengthForAnAPGCode? WellTheresOnlyOneWaytoFindOutAndThatIsToDoThisWhichIsToTypeARidiculouslyLongStringLikeThisOneButMuchMuchMuchLongerLikeThisButThatsNotLongEnoughSoLetsAddSomeMoreWeirdCharacters(Random characters)OkThatShouldBeEnough*. Purpose: Test for length of apgcode.
  • Glider as PATHOLOGICAL. Purpose: To see if the PATHOLOGICAL symmetry will be placed next to the xq or off to the side.
  • Glider as glider5_apgcode. Purpose: To test if custom pattern type "glider" can act as a prefix.
  • Glider as ov5_153. Purpose: To test is ov can be a prefix.

*Link not available because random text contains the string with letters B, U, and Y and was caught by the spam filter.