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I am an administrator on this wiki. If you need administrative help, feel free to ask on my talk page.

This page is mainly for providing information about LifeWiki and about the Game of Life in general, as well as keeping track of my tasks.

To learn what this wiki is all about see Conway's Game of Life.
For information on the Great Creator of Life as we know it see John Horton Conway.
The benevolent overlord of this wiki is Nathaniel Johnston. If you have any important questions or concerns, try his talk page.

If you need me to upload a pattern to the official database, leave a message on my talk page or send me a private message via the forums.

Suggested links

This is a list of links (in no particular order) that may be useful to other contributers or Life enthusiasts:


Wiki related:

Life related:

There are many more great Life resources that I haven't mentioned. For more information you might try the links provided by the websites above.

Life programs:

  • Golly (cross platform) - Fast, free, open source, and easily the best Game of Life player out there; created and maintained by Andrew Trevorrow and Tomas Rokicki
  • MCell (Windows) - Another great Game of Life player, created by Mirek Wojtowicz
  • Life32 (Windows) By Johan Bontes, an excellent Game of Life player

For the true Life enthusiast I suggest getting all of these. They truly are great programs!


These are things related to the wiki that I need to do/want to do/am in the middle of doing. Note: the main page for this kind of stuff is the task list.

Add and expand pages on Life enthusiasts

The Life enthusiast pages still need a lot of work. If you would like to add to these pages please try to find references to your information.

Needed Life enthusiast pages

Flesh out articles on major topics

I've done this for pages like bounding box and spaceship (although more could still be added), but several topics are not described thoroughly enough (pages like gun, tagalong, and the desperately needed hassle).

Improve the help pages

The help pages need to be expanded as we try to determine standard formats and such for our articles.

Current tasks

These are simple things I'm working on at the moment:

Task Completion date
Fix up Template:Reflector 05:24, 29 April 2009 (UTC)
Improve Template:Pagecount

Topics that need expansion or creation

Oscillators I need to add

*Still need pattern file

Looking for the discoverers and discovery dates of these patterns

About me

  • My name is Matthias Merzenich.
  • My user name means 'chimpanzee' in Kiswahili.

Notes to self

These are things that I might want to remember.

Pages under my user page

Templates that I have created

Patterns that I have added