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A primitive still life is a type of strict still life that cannot be formed from a smaller still life by adding cells (e.g. contains no extensions, such as inductees and tails).

An augmented still life is a strict still life that is not primitive.

Size Primitive Augmented Siamese Augmented siamese Other Composite
Chain Monofuse Other string Other Tie (strict) Pseudo (untied) Pseudo & tie
4 Tub Block
5 Boat
6 Beehive (u2u2*) Snake (h2h) Aircraft carrier Ship (r2) Barge (r2)
7 Loaf (u2u3*) Eater (h1C), long snake (h3h) Long boat (r2)
8 Pond, mango (u3u3*) Long eater (h2C), long² snake (h4h), canoe (c-h4h), hook with tail (h2L) Tub with tail (= tub u1h) Long ship (r2) Long barge (r2) Bi-block (r2)
9 Integral, long² eater, long³ snake, long canoe, long hook with tail Hat (≈ c-L2u0h) Tub with long tail (= tub u2h) Boat with tail ×2 (r2) Long² boat (r2) Block on boat (r2)
10 0 10 1 0 4 4 3 0 3 7 0
h2T1h, C2C, C2L, L2L, c-h4C, t-h4C, c-h4L, t-h4L, c-h6h, t-h6h Loop Block on table, beehive with tail, tubt1h, tub3h Snake×2 (r2), carrier+snake (r2), carrier×2 (r2), loaf+barge (r2m3) Barge with tail ×2 (r2), boat2h (r2) Boat-tie (r2), long² ship (r2), long³ barge (!r) Boat on boat ×2, block on ship, block on beehive, block on snake, block on carrier ×2
11 0 12 2 0 13 9 6 0 4 16 0
h2K1h (11.39), h2T2h, h3u1C, C3C, C3L, L3L, h5C×2, h5L×2, h7h×2 11 loop, hat with hook (≈ L2u0C) Boat on table ×2 (r2), snake with long² tail, carrier with long² tail, eater with long tail, tubT2h, tub2t, tub2c, tubTtub (r2), tub4h ×2, loaf with tail ×2 Snake+long snake, snake+eater ×2, carrier+long snake, carrier+eater ×2, boat+loop, loaf+loaf, elevener Boatt1h ×2, boat3h, barge2h, longboat1h ×2 Long³ boat (!r), (r2:) snake tie boat, carrier tie boat, boat-ship-tie Boat on ship ×2, boat on beehive, boat on snake ×2, boat on carrier ×4,block on loaf, block on eater ×3, block on longboat, block on long snake ×2
12 0 18 4 2 49 19 9 2 20 55 0
h2K2h, h3K1h (≈h3u2L), h h1T2C, h1T2L, h3T2h, h4T1h ×2, C4C ×2, C4L, L4L ×2, h6C ×2, h6L ×2, h8h ×2 Loop with hook ×2, h2T2u0h, h3uu3h Table on table ×2 Block on cover, block on cap, block on longhook ×2, hive on table, ship on table ×2, snake on table×2, carrier on table ×4, carrier bridge table, eater w/3h ×2, h3h w/3h, h2LL, h2L2h, tubT3h, tub3L, tub3C, tubT1L (hat with tub), tub5h ×2, tubL2h, hivet1h, hiveuuL (loop with beehive), mango with tail ×2,boat2C, boat2L, boat4h ×2, boatT2h ×2, tubLL ×4, tubC&2h, tubCC, helmet w/C, helmet w/2h, tubTboat ×2 (r2), tubKtub (r2) Eater+eater ×3, eater+h3h ×2, h3h+h3h, snake+h2C, snake+h2L×2, snake+h4h×2, carrier+h2C, carrier+h2L×2, carrier+h4h×2, eater++L2h, hive+tub+h2L (r3), honeycomb (r4) Barge3h, bargeT1h ×2, longboat2h, longbarge w/tail ×2, snake+Ltub, carrier+Ltub, eater++Ltub Hive+tub w/claw, hive+tub w/2h Long³ ship (!r), long⁴ barge (!r), (r2:) snake-tie ×2, snake bridge snake, snake link snake, snake tie carrier ×2, snake bridge carrier, carrier-tie ×2, carrier bridge carrier, snake tie ship, carrier tie ship, ship-tie, hive tie hive eater tie boat ×2, longsnake tie boat, longboat tie boat Hive on hive, hive on snake, hive on carrier ×2, hive on ship, snake on snake ×4, snake on carrier ×4, snake on ship ×2, carrier on carrier ×6, carrier on ship ×4, ship on ship ×2, boat on loaf ×2, boat on eater ×6, boat on longsnake ×4, boat on longboat ×2, block on pond, block on mango, block on h2C ×3, block on h4h ×4, block on h2L ×2, block on tubL, block on longship, tri-block
13 0 27 6 2 96 11 18
h3K2h, h4K1h (≈h4u2L) ×2, h1K2C, h1K2L (= L2u2L), h2K1C

h2T2C, h1T3C, h2T2L, h1T3L, h3T3h, h4T2h ×2, h5T1h ×2, C5C ×2, C5L ×2, L5L ×2, h7C ×2, h7L ×2, h9h ×2

h3T2u0h, h2Tuu2h, h2u3u0C, h0u3u2C, hat w/hooks (≈ h1T2u0C), sesquihat (= h0u2T2u0h ≈ L2u2L) Table+feet, table+c-C3h Loaf on table ×2, eater on table ×6, h3h on table ×4, longboat on table ×2, snake on cover, carrier on cover, boat on cap ×2, boat on cover, boat on longhook ×4, block on longhook2h ×2, block on tublonghook ×2, h2C w/3h, h2L w/3h, h4h w/3h ×2, h3LL, h3L2h, hatL, hat2h, loafT1h ×2, snakeuu3h, carrieruu3H, hiveuuL, hiveT2h, tubTuu2h, tub2uuL, tubL3h, tubT2C, tubT2L, tubT4h ×2, tub2T1h, tub4C ×2, tub4L, tub6h ×2, snake+feet, snake++longfeet, carrier+feet×3, preblock on boat+table, eater+Ltub ×2, h3h+Ltub, t-boatT2u0h, boatL2h ×2, boatT3h ×2, boat3C, boat3L, boat4h ×2, tubL&2H ×4, hiveTtub, tub3tub, eater+Ltub, snake+h2tub, carrier+h2tub, tubL++Ltub, snake nose snake, snake nose carrier, carrier nose carrier, boatTboat ×2, boat2tub, snake+Lboat ×2, carrier+Lboat ×2, eater++Lboat ×2 Eater+h2C ×3, eater+h2L ×4, eater+h4h ×4, h3h+h2C, h3h+h2L ×2, h3h+h4h ×2, snake+C1C, snake+h3C, snake+h3L ×2, snake+h5h ×2, carrier+C1C, carrier+h3C, carrier+h3L ×2, carrier+h5h ×2, h2L++L2h, eater++L3h, eater++hat, h0u2T2h++tub (= boatT2u0h), h1Tuu2h++tub (= boatuuT1h), C2h+++C1C (= C2h+bookend), C2h++h4h (r2m3), C2h++h2C (r2m3) (= boatCC), L2h++h2L (r2m3) (= p-boatLL), h3T1h+tub (r2m3) (= longboatT1h), hive+tub+h3L (r3), hive+tub+hat (r3), tub++h2T2h++tub (r3) (= c,c-boatTboat) t-LongboatT1h, longboat3h, bargeT2h ×2, barge2C, barge2L, barge4h ×2, bargeTtub ×2, o-boatLL Snake on bun ×2, snake on bookend ×2, hive tie bun, hive tie bookend, longhelmet+snake, longhelmet+carrier, helmet&tub, loaf+tub w/C, loaf+tub w/2h, hive+boat&tub, tubC&tub, tub2h&tub, h2L++Ltub, c-snake+carrier w/1h, c-carrier+carrier w/1h, carrier link carrier Long⁴ boat (!r), (r2:)eater tie hive, eater tie snake ×4, eater bridge snake ×3, eater link snake ×2, eater tie carrier ×4, eater bridge carrier ×2, eater tie ship ×2, longsnake tie snake ×2, longsnake bridge snake, longsnake link snake, longsnake tie carrier ×2, longsnake bridge carrier, longsnake tie ship, longboat tie snake, longboat tie carrier, longboat tie ship, loaf tie hive h2C tie boat ×2, h2L tie boat ×2, h4h tie boat ×2, tubL tie boat, longship tie boat, long²boatL ×2,longbarge2h boat on pond, boat on mango ×2, boat on h2C ×6, boat on h2L ×4, block on block on boat