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For my laziness I created this page similar to goldtiger997’s here!

Spaceship Eater Heisenburp Spaceship-to-X G-to-Spaceship
LWSS Yes Impossible? 58, 26x17 74, 81x77
MWSS Yes 1122, 151x122 37, 8x8 74, 81x52
HWSS Yes 3667, 362x346 290, 57x55 94, 123x105
Dart Yes Impossible? 728, 125x92 No
Crab Yes Impossible? 314, 55x44 189, 955x1138
Loafer Yes Impossible? 93, 12x17 158, 376x355
Copperhead Yes Impossible? 495, 49x72 197, 417x595
Fireship Yes 1396, 213x172 325, 28x28 387, 1054x1092
25P3H1V0.1 Yes Impossible? 476, 80x63 319, 2168x2152
25P3H1V0.2 Yes Impossible? 476, 92x81 206, 1189x1000
2-engine Cordership Yes 1616, 174x136 Yes 536, 395x429
Weekender Yes Impossible? 455, 121x193 457, 3446x2804
B29 Yes Impossible? 70, 8x9 No
27P4H1V1 Yes Impossible? 26, 4x4 332, 1582x1488
46P4H1V0 Yes Impossible? 138, 34x45 612, 3287x2684
56P6H1V0 Yes Impossible? 828, 93x101 No
58P5H1V1 Yes Impossible? Yes No
Spider Yes 1420, 263x216 845, 127x104 2619, 10083x9478
Spaghetti monster Yes 2157, 203x346 1645, 250x216 No Known Synthesis
Sir Robin Yes 2344, 243x264 Yes No Known Synthesis
77P6H1V1 Yes Impossible? 1206, 135x160 No Known Synthesis
Lobster Yes Impossible? 2055, 299x231 No Known Synthesis
64P2H1V0 Yes Impossible? 95, 42x9 No Known Synthesis
37P4H1V0 Yes Impossible? 372, 27x12 No Known Synthesis
30P5H2V0 Yes Impossible? 242, 25x46 No
60P5H2V0 Yes Impossible? No No

Notes on the above table:

  • In some of the cells numbers are shown. These numbers correspond minimum known repeat time, and minimum known bounding box.
  • In cases where the same pattern doesn't hold the record for both repeat time and bounding box, two patterns are linked.
  • The existence of a Spaceship-to-X necessarily implies that an eater exists
  • The existence of a heisenburp and an eater necessarily implies that a Spaceship-to-X exists
  • Only true heisenburps are considered for the purposes of this table

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