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For the old user talk, please see User talk:Old Entity Valkyrie 2

Entity Valkyrie is back on the LifeWiki! For the Terms and Conditions under which this change was made, please see this forum posting. Dvgrn (talk) 21:32, 23 October 2019 (UTC)

"Conflict" pages

I've also made several "Conflict" pages dedicated to some editing conflicts I've made in the past. I currently have three: Bx222 eater removal conflict, Rich's P16 conflict, and Dependent conduit conflict.

These conflict pages contain only an RLE describing what the conflict was. Entity Valkyrie 2 (talk) 23:42, 23 October 2019 (UTC)


Do you know why LifeViewer now shows the GUI buttons? Can the default be without the GUI? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Entity Valkyrie 2 (talkcontribs) 9:06, 4 November 2019 (UTC)

Probably just a bug. Odds are good that it will be patched in the next build.
Next time around, if you report this kind of change in behavior directly to Chris Rowett at the main Pattern Viewer thread, he might see it sooner than if you start a whole new thread for one bug report. Also, don't forget the four tildes to sign your questions. Without an identifier, that line could just as well be someone else writing to ask you that question. Dvgrn (talk) 14:31, 4 November 2019 (UTC)
EDIT: This has been fixed. Entity Valkyrie 2 (talk) 20:25, 4 November 2019 (UTC)


Excuse me, can you add the P5 pipsquirter information ontothe pipsquirter page? Entity Valkyrie 2 (talk) 04:53, 11 November 2019 (UTC) Excuse me, can you also specify what 28P7.4 is? It is mentioned in the site pre-pulsar shuttle 28. Entity Valkyrie 2 (talk) 08:10, 11 November 2019 (UTC)

Also, can you please change the page User:Entity Valkyrie 2/Rule:StateInvestigator to a true Rule: page? This is so that I can LifeView this rule on User:Entity Valkyrie 2/StateInvestigator. Entity Valkyrie 2 (talk) 20:50, 22 November 2019 (UTC)

For the page Spark, can you change the definition of "fountain" to "no cells one row behind" and add "superfountain" to mean "no cells two rows behind"? I noticed this because the fountain itself has cells 2 rows behind. Entity Valkyrie 2 (talk) 10:12, 27 November 2019 (UTC)


{{RLE:{{{pname}}}}} #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] x = 32, y = 28, rule = B3/S23 o26bo$b2o23bobo$2o24bobo$25b2ob3o$13b2o16bo$13b2o10b2ob3o$25b2obo7$28b 2o$19bo8b2o$18bobo$18bo2bo$19b2o$2b2o$bobo$bo24b2o$2o24b2o5$17b2o$17b 2o!
CC 0-degree reflector
(click above to open LifeViewer)

x = 1323, y = 71, rule = B3/S23 597bo154bobo534b3o$595bobo154b2o535b3o$596b2o29bo11bo113bo41bo54bo54bo 54bo54bo54bo66bo66bo85bo$626bo10b2o156bo54bo54bo54bo54bo54bo66bo66bo 85bo$626b3o9b2o110b2o42bobo52bobo52bobo52bobo52bobo52bobo64bobo64bobo 84bo$751b2o42bo54bo54bo54bo54bo54bo66bo66bo84bobo$750bo4bo39bo54bo54bo 54bo54bo54bo66bo66bo$754bo40bo54bo54bo54bo54bo54bo66bo66bo$754b3o38bo 54bo54bo54bo54bo54bo66bo66bo84bobo$794bobo52bobo52bobo52bobo52bobo52bo bo64bobo64bobo7bo76bo$795bo54bo54bo54bo54bo54bo66bo66bo6b2o77bo$795bo 54bo54bo54bo54bo54bo66bo66bo7b2o76bo$520bo768b3o$14bobo504b2o766b3o$ 14b2o504b2o199bo$15bo38b2o40b2o40b2o40b2o100b2o103b2o40b2o40b2o40b2o 40b2o40b2o74b2o40b2o5b2o33b2o40b2o53b2o53b2o53b2o53b2o53b2o65b2o65b2o$ 3bobo48b2o40b2o40b2o40b2o100b2o103b2o40b2o40b2o40b2o14bo25b2o40b2o74b 2o40b2o4b2o34b2o40b2o53b2o53b2o53b2o53b2o53b2o20bo44b2o65b2o$4b2o12bo 510bobo86bo107bo370bo194bo2bo$4bo11b2o30b2o2b4o34b2o2b4o34b2o2b4o34b2o 2b4o94b2o2b4o97b2o2b4o34b2o2b4o34b2o2b4o34b2o2b4o14b2o18b2o2b4o34b2o2b 4o18bo49b2o2b4o34b2o2b4o7b2o25b2o2b4o34b2o2b4o47b2o2b4o47b2o2b4o47b2o 2b4o47b2o2b4o47b2o2b4o19b3o37b2o2b4o59b2o2b4o78b2o2bo2bo$9b2o6b2o29b2o 2bo2bo34b2o2bo2bo34b2o2bo2bo34b2o2bo2bo94b2o2bo2bo97b2o2bo2bo34b2o2bo 2bo34b2o2bo2bo34b2o2bo2bo34b2o2bo2bo34b2o2bo2bo18b3o47b2o2bo2bo34b2o2b o2bo8b2o24b2o2bo2bo7b2o25b2o2bo2bo7b2o38b2o2bo2bo7b2o38b2o2bo2bo7b2o 38b2o2bo2bo7b2o38b2o2bo2bo7b2o38b2o2bo2bo7b2o50b2o2bo2bo7b2o50b2o2bo2b o7b2o69b2o2bo2bo7b2o$8bobo755b2o40b2o53b2o53b2o53b2o53b2o53b2o65b2o8bo 4bo51b2o8bo4bo70b2o4b2o3bo2bo3b2o$bo8bo609b2o480b2o54b2ob4ob2o57b2ob4o b2o74b5o4b5o$b2o617bobo479bobo55bo4bo61bo4bo76b2o3bo2bo3b2o$obo8b2o68b o227bo254b2ob2o37b2ob2o9bo61b2o40b2o40b2o40b2o53b2o53b2o53b2o53b2o53b 2o11bo5bo47b2o40bobo22b2o84b3o$11bobo68b2o224bo219bobo34bobo39bobo73bo 41bo41bo41bo54bo54bo54bo54bo54bo10b2o54bo41b2o23bo$11bo69b2o225b3o217b 2o35bobo39bobo73bob2o38bob2o38bob2o38bob2o51bob2o51bob2o51bob2o51bob2o 51bob2o7bobo53bob2o38bo24bob2o$100bo428bo34b2ob2o37b2ob2o71b2ob2o37b2o b2o37b2ob2o37b2ob2o50b2ob2o50b2ob2o50b2ob2o50b2ob2o50b2ob2o62b2ob2o62b 2ob2o81b3o$98b2o28b2ob2o37b2ob2o97b2ob2o100b2ob2o37b2ob2o37b2ob2o37b2o b2o37b2ob2o37b2ob2o71b2ob2o37b2ob2o37b2ob2o37b2ob2o50b2ob2o50b2ob2o50b 2ob2o50b2ob2o50b2ob2o62b2ob2o62b2ob2o83b3o$84b2o13b2o27b2obo38b2obo98b 2obo101b2obo38b2obo38b2obo38b2obo19b3o16b2obo38b2obo72b2obo38b2obo38b 2obo38b2obo41bobo7b2obo51b2obo51b2obo51b2obo51b2obo63b2obo63b2obo24bo$ 85b2o4b2o38bo41bo101bo104bo41bo41bo41bo19bo21bo41bo75bo41bo41bo41bo42b 2o10bo54bo54bo54bo54bo66bo66bo23b2o$84bo6bobo37b2o40b2o100b2o103b2o40b 2o40b2o40b2o19bo20b2o40b2o74b2o40b2o40b2o40b2o35bo5bo11b2o53b2o53b2o 53b2o53b2o65b2o65b2o22bobo58b3o$91bo635bobo97bobo58bo4bo49bo4bo49bo4bo 49bo4bo61bo4bo61bo4bo76b2o3bo2bo3b2o$194bobo530b2o99b2o56b2ob4ob2o45b 2ob4ob2o45b2ob4ob2o45b2ob4ob2o57b2ob4ob2o57b2ob4ob2o74b5o4b5o$194b2o 268b2o40b2o40b2o40b2o74b2o40b2o18bo21b2o40b2o53b2o39bo4bo8b2o39bo4bo8b 2o39bo4bo8b2o39bo4bo8b2o51bo4bo8b2o51bo4bo8b2o66b2o3bo2bo3b2o4b2o$195b o88bo2bo101bo2bo28b2o8bo2bo29b2o7bo2bo29b2o7bo2bo29b2o7bo2bo29b2o7bo2b o63b2o7bo2bo29b2o7bo2bo4bo24b2o7bo2bo2b2o25b2o7bo2bo2b2o38b2o7bo2bo2b 2o38b2o7bo2bo2b2o38b2o7bo2bo2b2o38b2o7bo2bo2b2o38b2o7bo2bo2b2o50b2o7bo 2bo2b2o50b2o7bo2bo2b2o69b2o7bo2bo2b2o$284b4o101b4o29b2o7b4o38b4o38b4o 38b4o38b4o72b4o38b4o3b2o33b4o2b2o34b4o2b2o25b3o19b4o2b2o47b4o2b2o47b4o 2b2o47b4o2b2o47b4o2b2o59b4o2b2o59b4o2b2o78bo2bo2b2o$94b3o324bo302bobo 107bo461bo2bo$94bo189b4o101b2o34b2o4b2o40b2o40b2o40b2o40b2o74b2o40b2o 40b2o40b2o32bo20b2o53b2o53b2o53b2o53b2o65b2o65b2o$83bo11bo83b2o59bo2bo 40bo2bo101b2o33b2o5b2o40b2o40b2o40b2o40b2o74b2o40b2o40b2o40b2o53b2o53b 2o53b2o53b2o53b2o65b2o65b2o$83b2o93bobo63bo181bo$82bobo95bo2b2o55bo3bo 1055b3o$182b2o6b3o48b4o1055b3o$184bo5bo835bo54bo66bo57b2o7bo85bo$191bo 439b2o393bo54bo66bo58b2o6bo85bo$631bobo391bobo52bobo64bobo56bo7bobo84b o$291b2o338bo394bo54bo66bo66bo84bobo$291bobo673b2o5bo51bo54bo66bo66bo$ 291bo676b2o4bobo49bo54bo66bo66bo$287b3o677bo6b2o50bo54bo66bo66bo84bobo $289bo735bobo52bobo64bobo64bobo84bo$288bo737bo54bo66bo66bo85bo$1026bo 54bo66bo66bo85bo$1300b3o$969b3o328b3o$306b2o663bo$306bobo661bo$306bo3$ 265b3o$267bo$266bo4$307bo$306b2o303b3o$306bobo301bo2bo$613bo$613bo$ 610bobo! Entity Valkyrie 2 (talk) 11:50, 14 December 2019 (UTC)

Request for red link removal

Hi there, I noticed that there are a few red links in your pages, for instance the "LOM" (which should be LoM) and "heisenburps" (heisenburps) in User:Entity Valkyrie 2/Period-165 MWSS gun. Would you like to permit me to edit your pages, cleaning them up so that they point to the correct site? GUYTU6J (talk) 10:17, 27 May 2020 (UTC)

That page is abandoned, but you can fix up red links in all pages that are not in either the EV1 section or in the StateInvestigator section.— Preceding unsigned comment added by Entity Valkyrie 2 (talkcontribs)

Thanks, now the red links like "34p14 shuttle" (the P is uppercase), "GoldTiger997" (the t is lowercase) and "Callahan's G-to-H" (no 's) have been removed. GUYTU6J (talk) 09:28, 5 June 2020 (UTC)

Sudden burst of main-namespace editing in the last week

Hello! I've temporarily unchecked the trusted flag for your account, because you seem to have suddenly gone back to your old habit of making dozens of edits all over the LifeWiki very quickly. You haven't talked to anyone about getting permission to edit outside of your User space, have you? Seems like that should have been a requirement before you embark on any new big editing projects.

Your first venture outside your User space was the Bandersnatch article. You did a really good job on that -- there was nothing that needed fixing there at all, which is probably more than I can say about the average article that I create. My only worry was that you still didn't seem to understand or remember the general rule that discoverers don't document their own discoveries. Someone else would have created that article if you hadn't, with no need to worry about you breaking that important rule.

I just did a quick review and found a typo or two in your new edits, and a couple of edits that don't seem to be improvements (but I could be wrong).

I'll look through all your recent edits and post a full list here of everything I had to repair. The length of that list is part of what will determine whether it seems safe to turn the trusted flag back on again for you. I'll check with other moderators first, though, so this process is going to take a while. You still seem to be more likely than any other active LifeWiki editor to damage existing articles in ways that most other editors don't agree with.

For example, one of your edits (to Bx222) re-creates a change to the article that was reverted by Ian07. Regardless of who was right or wrong, you should pretty much never do things like that without having a full discussion with the other editor first. A series of reverts and re-edits is called an "edit war", and they're really really worth avoiding at all costs.

So... for now I'm avoiding edit wars by unchecking your trusted flag, but if you have other ideas that you think would work better, please let me know -- by private message on the forums, let's say. Thanks! Dvgrn (talk) 12:30, 14 June 2020 (UTC)

Okay, the promise to stick with User namespace edits for now has been renewed, so the trusted flag is back on. Here are my notes from cleanup work so far:
Please refer to me as Entity Valkyrie on the wiki, and Entity Valkyrie 2 on the forums.
Honestly this is just too much to expect people to remember -- it's confusing, and ultimately seems like a big waste of everyone's time. Even your own user page isn't consistent about this.
I think it still isn't at all clear to anyone why you couldn't just have kept your original "Entity Valkyrie" ID, and stopped worrying so much about this artificial and apparently pointless "Entity Valkyrie" / "Entity Valkyrie 2" distinction.
1) Highway robber:
A parenthetical expression was added to the article, but the closing parenthesis was left out.
I reverted the changes to the RLE. Two eaters were removed from the pattern, allowing three outputs instead of one. It's not clear why that's an improvement. The extra two output gliders can't be used easily for most purposes, because they're 17 lanes or less away from other glider lanes, and you need 18 lanes to split apart two parallel glider streams using Snarks. So in practice, people copying out the RLE will probably want to put those eaters back, or at least know where they would normally go. Removing them reduces the amount of information available, so it amounts to damage to the article. Now that they're back in the pattern, it's really easy for anyone to delete them if they actually want the extra gliders.
Also, several extra gliders were added to the RLE. The extra gliders weren't described in the article text, and they don't add any useful information to the pattern -- none of them are on the minimum-clearance lane for the highway robber, or any other significant lane. Here again, people copying the highway-robber pattern for use in a larger construction would always have to delete these gliders -- so why put them into the reference pattern in the first place? They could go in an extra embedded LifeViewer pattern in the text somewhere, but it's better to have just one standard version in the infobox.
2) Bx222: I reverted these edits. Definitely not a good idea to make this edit without discussion, since a previous edit along these exact same lines had already been reverted. Discussion could happen on an article's talk page, but for this kind of change -- something that could be a policy change that applies to lots and lots of LifeWiki articles -- a better place would be a new topic on the Tiki Bar. It's definitely okay to start this kind of discussion or ask questions there.
Removing the eater5 variant loses important information. The Bx222 can only be connected easily to later conduits, e.g., Fx77, if you know exactly where to place an eater5 variant. Standard eater5s wouldn't fit very well.
So here again, if someone is copying this pattern for use in a circuit, it's very easy for them to delete the eater5 variant in the rare situations where it isn't wanted. It isn't at all easy to draw in a working variant eater5 or welded 7x9 eater, once you've removed it to theoretically "make the conduit Spartan". The Bx222 is *not* functionally Spartan, because there are hardly any good ways to connect to it when the eater5 variant is missing. (Are there any known Spartan continuations at all?)
It might make some sense to add an embedded LifeViewer showing the different variants, but it makes no sense at all to simply destroy the information about the eater5, without leaving any easy clues in the article about how to get it back.
3) H-to-G0:
You added a third entry in the top row, and this sentence:
A integral with tub in the diagram means that this still life can be removed for an extra glider.
It should be "An integral with tub", but that's a silly trivial detail, not really a problem at all. Another detail you didn't notice is that when you added the third H-to-G0, there was a "two" in the previous sentence that should have been changed to "three". It would be nice if you could plan and review carefully enough so that you notice when your changes to a pattern mean that the description has to change. But again, everybody makes mistakes like this all the time, and other editors fix them, and nobody thinks all that much about it.
The addition of the integral-with-tail markers is actually the only troublesome change. This is a total judgment call on my part, but I went ahead and removed the integral-with-tub markers.
They would be kind of a good idea in some contexts, but in the H-to-G0 pattern and article they ultimately just add clutter and make the H-to-G0 topic harder to understand. There are three problems with the integral-with-tail markers:
* They highlight a detail that's ultimately irrelevant to the function of the H-to-G0,
* they require extra editing by people copying out the pattern to use an H-to-G0, and
* they're not used anywhere else on the LifeWiki, so to make things consistent we'd have to commit to a huge amount of editing of other conduit pages, for no clear benefit. If you're looking for extra glider outputs, it's just plain not that difficult to run the pattern and see which eaters are suppressing gliders. But usually when you want an H-to-G0, you want it because it's a H-to-G0, not because it's an H-to-G0-with-a-random-extra-glider-going-some-other-way.
... That's as far as I've gotten for now. Long way to go yet, but hopefully this is a start at explaining my point of view on these recent edits. Questions and comments are welcome. Dvgrn (talk) 11:57, 15 June 2020 (UTC)
Can't the bandersnatch be used to separate the gliders in the highway robber? Entity Valkyrie 2 (talk) 12:32, 15 June 2020 (UTC)

A minor question regarding a 2018 edit

Why was "a glider stream of repeat time 52" explicitly mentioned in the rephaser article? Without the context, it seems a bit odd to exemplify the phase adjustion at a period higher than the repeat time of both bumpers and Snarks. GUYTU6J (talk) 03:39, 2 August 2022 (UTC)

I think this example was used because it was necessary for the original Period-52 glider gun. Entity Valkyrie 2 (talk) 03:43, 2 August 2022 (UTC)
That makes sense. I have edited the page to clarify that. GUYTU6J (talk) 03:58, 2 August 2022 (UTC)