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Hi there! R Pentomino here. Just hopping by and interested in what the other patterns do over here in Conway's Game of Life. More exploring to come--better finish before I stabilize. This really is an awesome website; an entire wiki based off of the game that I live in! Also, please don't edit this page. Thanks!

--From, Your Favorite Methuselah, The R Pentomino

On renaming patterns on the wiki

Please do not rename patterns on the wiki without first discussing it on their talk pages. It can become confusing to those people who are already familiar with the current name (even if that name is something like 46P4H1V0). Generally, patterns are only given names when they are first discovered, as there is no prior name to cause confusion. Furthermore, it would clutter the page to include every name that people wanted to give the pattern. For more info on how to edit the wiki, you can take a look at these pages: